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goodbye emergency phones

Client vanAnaarBeter

Inform car drivers about the removal of the emergency phones alongside the road

After fifty-seven years of faithful service, Dutch drivers had to say goodbye to an icon, which had become part of the local landscape, the yellow emergency phone. Bidding farewell is never easy, especially to a safe haven that’s assisted millions of unfortunate drivers with car trouble, and that even acquired the figurative meaning of ‘having a sympathetic ear’. Therefore, we asked well-known Dutch wordsmiths for a final word of farewell.


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“Sweet, sweet darling. Will you whisper in my ear that you’ll help me, once more? May I wrap my arms around your big yellow ears, one last time? Is that okay, my darling? ”



““Oh pole, oh pole, oh saviour, indispensable buoy. Once the beacon of every driver, now redundant. Everything is different now, everything is upside down. It doesn’t really appeal to me now…”



“We tore down a deserted highway in the pouring rain, while our small Japanese rental’s swishing window wiper worked overtime. Then, suddenly, the thing broke off, hurling itself onto the highway. We felt lost and alone…”


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The special words of gratitude have turned a sad farewell into a positive and useful tribute to a Dutch icon. Farewell, yellow friend. See you in another life.